The Double Rainbow

Driving home the other day we saw a double rainbow. This was even better because we were on our annual vegetable run when the leaves are changing. Just beautiful.

I searched the meaning of the rainbow and found a variety of answers, from biblical and spiritual to a meteorological phenomenon.

Here is one that I found interesting (from

An Irish legend tells that at the end of the rainbow, there is a pot of gold. The seven colors of the rainbow are a perfect analogy to symbolize the seven levels of consciousness that lead humans from ignorance to enlightenment. The reward that awaits at the end of the rainbow is the brute soul transmuted into gold at the very end of the evolutionary journey.

The Seven Levels of Consciousness

Understanding how a light spectrum works, helps with understanding how the human evolutionary process works. A single ray of white light can be broken into seven perceived colors because it contains all the frequencies that determine each one of the colors within it.

Each of the colors of the rainbow corresponds to one level of consciousness that ranges from the most material (red) to the most sublime (violet), representing the evolutionary journey of humans. Humans need several incarnations in different bodies until they can finally reach their spiritual ideal.

Each step towards enlightenment hides a specific virtue or faculty that needs to be learned, each virtue is represented by one of the rainbow colors, namely:

  • red – the control of the physical body;
  • orange – the control of the energetic field and creative power;
  • yellow – the control over emotions and personal power;
  • green – forgiveness, ability to release resentments;
  • blue – ability to verbalize, communicate, express things intelligently;
  • indigo – intuition, unconditional love, compassion, and;
  • violet – consciousness of the divine, spiritual awareness, inner peace and wisdom, which is the final step before one attains complete freedom.

There is a Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

When the soul learns all lessons and acquires full control over the seven virtues, the consciousness does not need to incarnate in the physical world anymore, becoming completely free from the chains of the physical existence. The pot of gold symbolizes the golden spirit that emerges from the experience through the seven colors of the rainbow.

There are so many different ways to interpret the rainbow.

So, how about the interpretation for a double rainbow?

Here is some information on a double rainbow (from

A double rainbow features a secondary arc above the Primary Rainbow. There is always a dark area between the two rainbows. The colors on the second rainbow is reversed from the Primary Rainbow. The dark area between the two rainbows is caused because the light is reflected twice through the moisture. All rainbows appear when light shines through moisture in the Earth’s atmosphere causing a spectrum of light to shine in the sky. It is a meteorological phenomenon that can not be predicted because so many differ things have to happen simultaneously.

Double Rainbows are considered symbolic of transformations in your life. The material world is represented by the first rainbow while the second rainbow is the spiritual world. Seeing a single rainbow is fairly common so something we take for granted in the universe but when we see a double rainbow we stop and take time to admire the wonder of the universe.

Seeing a Double Rainbow is considered a very auspicious occasion and a reason for reflection and meditation.



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  1. Reblogged this on Luluscope | silent guides to the psyche. and commented:
    As I walk towards to kitchen door thinking about the many Mayflies that emerged under the warm, sunny drizzle about an hour earlier, I lift my eyes, et voila, a Rainbow! With my usual spontaneous, kiddy scream when the sun shines its rays on my senses, I call everyone to “come see!”. Still in awe at the clarity of the rainbow, a second one appears!

    Goosebumps led me to Prof Google, who led me to this lovely article written by C.R. Jones in 2012. I had to share!



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